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Reasons why Myanmar is the perfect winter getaway

In summer holiday vacation, Myanmar is occasionally on the wish list with a wide range of picturesque beaches, sacred temples and ancient caves. However, the cold season is also the best time to discover this nation, particularly for tourists looking for warm winter in their Myanmar private tour. Before deciding the destination for your winter break, why don’t you read this article and spend time considering to opt for Myanmar?

Myanmar customize tour

Top places to celebrate Christmas in your Vietnam private tour

Although Vietnam is predominantly an atheistic country and Christmas is not an official public holiday, Vietnamese people still have their way to celebrate Christian’s Day. Christmas in Vietnam is a huge event and Christmas Eve, which is considered more important than Christmas Day. When Christmas “is coming to town”, why don’t you blend into a hearty feast besieged by fun-loving and hospitable Vietnamese? You can sing the carol, buy some twinkle ornaments or even wear Santa Claus’s attire in your Vietnam private tour. So, where to go and what to do in this upcoming Christmas? Let us help you with the list below.

Christmas in Vietnam

Top places you should avoid in your Thailand private tour

Having constituted one of the most visited countries in Asia, Thailand is home to a wide range of well-known striking places. While tourists are easily seduced by the exotic charm of Thailand with bustling Bangkok, peaceful Chiang Mai or splendid Phuket, there are some sites you should not try to come by in your Thailand customized tour due to the grubbiness, danger or scam. So, “what are they?”, you may ask. Let’s take a look at the list below!

Thailand Private Tour

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City nightlife

On the contrary to the heated days when we can be covered in sweat, the night in Ho Chi Minh City would help you relieve your stress and tension with fair weather. In this easeful atmosphere of the night, you are free to explore all exhilarating exclusive activities which make you burst to the excitement and do not want to sleep. Just check it out!!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nadova Tours organizes the Vietnam Grand Prix Tour 2020 for global visitors

In 2020, Vietnam will officially become one of the host countries of the highest class of singer- seater auto racing for the first time on Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of April 2020, in My Dinh Sports Complex, Hanoi. On this occasion, Nadova Tours is pleased to introduce a Vietnam customized tour which includes general admission tickets for Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.

Vietnam Grand Prix 2020


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