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All you need to know about Vietnam Lunar New Year

Vietnam Lunar New Year (or Tết Nguyên Đán) is the most important and quintessential holiday and festival in Vietnam. Tết is the way Vietnamese people marking the arrival of spring on the first day until at least the third day of January according to Lunar Calendar. This is also the special time for family gatherings, lucky money and many blessings. If you want to have a Vietnam customized tour on this big occasion, it really will be once- in-a- life- time experience for you and family to blend into the diverse culture in Vietnam. In this article, let’s delve into the depth of traditions, practice, and values of Tết and what you should do to prepare for a Vietnam private tour this very memorable season.

Chung Cake in Vietnam

Top stunning churches in your Vietnam private tour

Although churches are more popular in Western countries, tourists can easily find an array of magnificent churches stretching from North to South in Vietnam. Thanks to the influence of evangelism and belief in God, Vietnam is home to numerous churches ranging from Gothic- style cathedrals to French architecture. The harmonious combination between the antiquity of Oriental culture and the modernity inspired by Western religions create extraordinary features of churches in Vietnam. In this article, let's admire the grandeur of top splendid churches in your Vietnam customized tour, you may not know many among them.

Notre- Dame in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

How to opt for public transport in Cambodia?

Cambodia is home to various means of transport ranging from popular vehicles to uncommon ones. Therefore, you should be equipped with some basic knowledge to navigate transport in the land of Angkor Wat. In particular, when you want to single out what kinds of transport to travel around the hustling streets, across the country or climb up to the summit of some mountains, here are some tips for you to get acquaintance with transport in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Top Southeast Asian destinations to enjoy New Year’s Eve

New year is coming to town and wherever you are, you definitely have your plan to celebrate the first moment of your new year. In case you want to go off the beaten track this year with an expedition to some countries in Southeast Asia, we are here to list some outstanding places associated with ways to celebrate. Ranging from the riverside restaurants, rooftop bars to the coastal city with breathtaking sceneries, you are free to opt to your ideal places in the forthcoming big event.

New Year in Thailand

How to spend two week in Vietnam and Cambodia

Do you have any plan for your winter break? Instead of heading to metropolitan areas, you can consider opting for other nations in Northeast Asia. A fulfilled expedition around these sites not only help you get off the beaten track but also escape from the daily grind. In particular, 2-week detailed itinerary can be more suitable for people who do not have many days- off. If you still hesitate to decide your optimal destination, why don’t you choose Vietnam and Cambodia. Travelling between two neighboring countries can help you have more knowledge and practical experience with a meager amount of money. Moreover, a Vietnam and Cambodia combined tour would amaze you with an array of stunning landscapes associated with diverse culture. In case you want to give these countries a try, below is our tips for visitors.

Ben Thanh Market, HCM City, Vietnam


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