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In the southwest of the Tonle Sap Lake, Battambang is located on the Sangker riverbank. Battambang means "disappearing stick" - related to a legend of the magic stick by a Khmer king used to hold and maintain power in the Battambang area. It is the second largest city of Cambodia as well as in the granary of the country. Despite being the second largest province of Cambodia, Battambang still keeps the atmosphere of the countryside and it is not be affected by tourism.

Most of the buildings in this Battambang have French colonial-style and Cambodia’s traditional architecture. There are very few buildings having more than three-floor height. Unlike other tourist towns, the local economy is mainly based on planting rice and crops, logging, mining sapphire…

When you travel to Battambang by road, the landscape quickly appears in your eyes with small villages, rice fields and farms. It gives tourists wonderful opportunities to enjoy the unpolluted countryside of Cambodia. The surroundings of the countryside are ancient temples, the ruins of the Angkor period, caves, waterfalls, and even the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Battambang is the main hub of the Northwest connecting the entire region with Phnom Penh and Thailand, and as such it’s a vital link for Cambodia. Battambang city is a peaceful and pleasant place these days. The main parts of the city are situated closed to the Sangker River, a tranquil, small body of water that winds its way through Battambang Province. It is a nice, picturesque setting. As with much of Cambodia, the French architecture is an attractive bonus of the city.

Attractions Highlight: Battambang has a number of historic wats and they largely survived damage during the Khmer Rogue regime. Tourists can visit these following attractions in Battambang:

- White Elephant Pagoda (Wat Tahm-rai-saw)

- Phare Ponleu Selpak - Battambang Circus

- Battambang Bat Caves

- Banan Temple

- Wat Ek Phnom Temple

- Sneung Temple

- Phnom Sampeou

- Kamping Puoy Basin

- Sek Sork

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