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Travel in Thailand is inexpensive and efficient, if not always speedy. Unless you travel by plane, long-distance journeys in Thailand can be arduous, especially if a shoestring budget restricts you to hard seats and no air conditioning. Nonetheless, the wide range of transport options makes travelling around Thailand easier than elsewhere in Southeast Asia.


By Air

Thailand currently has six international airports, in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Krabi, Phuket and Ko Samui. The vast majority of travellers fly into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Flights to Thailand are available from several national and international carriers. The national airline is Thai, which flies from dozens of international locations. Bangkok Airways offer international flights to and from destinations within Asia. Other airlines offering direct flights to Thailand from the UK include British Airways and Eva Air. There are no direct flights from the USA.

Flights are cheapest from April to June; from August to November flights are slightly more expensive; December to March and July are the most expensive times to fly.

By Train

Railway travel is not an ideal way to get to Thailand for the ride is slow and the route is not well-connected with hot Southeast Asian destinations like Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Driving to Thailand

Road passage into Thailand is possible through Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. You can find coach operators at major bus stations, but minivan services (such as between Chiang Mai in Thailand and Vientiane in Laos) are often faster.


By Air

Due to the large scale of Thailand, domestic flights are good choice to make when you need to travel between cities. The price is reasonable and there are often nice deals to snatch because competition on the routes is fighting hard. Book air tickets early if possible, seats can be reserved online for you don’t want to see the fares rocket high after a while.

By Train

Railway trips are cheap to make but it will cost more time on the road since Thailand is a large country. Delays can be expected. The prices of the best train class of are sometimes equivalent of budget airfares.

By Bus

Although the road condition in Thailand is way better than that in its neighboring countries Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, it’s not suggested take bus for travel for your safety is the biggest thing we are concerned about. Bad driving habits are prevalent among bus drivers, who often take drugs to fight against work shifts. In contrast, a private van is more considerable.

Tuk-tuk or Songthaew

Tuk-tuk is a small three-wheeled vehicle that can be found in all Southeast Asian countries. Songthaew is truck-converted and equipped with bench seats in the back, which is translated into ‘minibus’ in English. The two transportations are easy to hail everywhere, but remember to haggle with the price first. English works with some drivers but not all.

By Taxi

In major tourist cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, taxi is available. Don’t take those without a meter.

By Long-tail Boats

Long-tail boats are generally ferries that are great Thai trademarks. They are long, thin wooden boats powered by diesel engines at the end of a long drive shaft, which is quite noisy on the journey. They may take longer hours to get to your destination, but the experience for short distance cruise is interesting and worth trying.


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