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When to visit

The many treasures that make Vietnam travel such an experience are there all year round. It is difficult to be definite about the best time to visit because there are regional variations between north and south, coast and highland. Having said that there is a defined high season which avoids the monsoons; that is between October and April when rainfall is likely to be at its lightest and temperatures moderate somewhat.

Vietnam's weather varies from the sub-tropics in the North to the tropics in the South. The humidity is high, with average ranging around 84% a year. Moderated by two monsoons, the average temperature (from 22 to 27) is lower than other countries also in the equatorial regions. The weather varies greatly from North to South, depending on elevation and type of landscape.

Northern - Travel to Vietnam in the north (from Hue up north) tourists will meet four seasons with a cold winter and hot summer. The temperature ranges from 5-6°C in winter to up to 35°C in summer. The further to north it is, the colder it gets. In mountainous regions in the far north (such as Sapa) the temperature sometimes drops below zero. Rainy seasons are June, July and August. February and March have persistent and drizzling rains.

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Central - Temperatures are high all year round. The temperature tends to be warmer and more humid than the south in the middle of the year and cooler during the dry season from November to April. Flood may occur from October to December.

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Southern - In your Vietnam holiday in the south, you will meet the distinct dry season (from November to April) and wet season (from May to October). Average temperature ranges from 25-30°C. During wet months, heavy and short downpours may occur in the afternoons.

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