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Health and Security

Health and Security

Cambodia is now at peace and is safe again for tourists to visit. In Phnom Penh watch out for pickpockets, also by begging children. Do not venture out in the city after 10 pm. Keep all your valuables at the hotel safe. Upcountry stay on the roads and paths. There are still many landmines buried in the countryside.


Inoculation for yellow fever is a legal requirement for entry into Cambodia by people coming from an infected area. There is otherwise no vaccination required, but visitors are advised to receive inoculations against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and tetanus and to make sure whether anti malaria treatment is necessary depending on the region they travel to. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have good hospitals staffed with foreign medical personnel, however for life threatening injuries it is advisable to be evacuated to Bangkok or Singapore and we strongly recommend that you arrange medical travel insurance.


Cambodia is a fairly safe country though there are places late at night to avoid, but then that is the case anywhere in the world. There are pickpockets and bag snatching, often from motorcycles so be careful. If you do not need some of your valuables with you then keep them in a safety deposit box. You need to be aware that duplicate keys may exist so you should question reception in your accommodation if you have any doubts. It is worth photocopying everything as well.

There is a level of corruption within the police and often you may need to bribe someone for help. Police do not have any great presence after sundown in tourist areas anyway. If you are sensible you will avoid trouble and therefore have no need of them.

There are scams relating to border crossings and the cost of visas that are worth bearing in mind. In all cases you should need to keep calm. If you are able to provide US dollars rather than local currency then it is more difficult for scammers to overcharge you. The dollar price will be advertised on signs so you should not be caught out

On good Cambodia tours you are not likely to come across this problem. Nor will you require any assistance from anyone around the border area because you will have a guide accompanying you who will help with all formalities.


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