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Top traditional games to try when travelling to Vietnam

With the astonishing pace at which the world is developing, the technology is advancing rapidly and replacing old traditions. Nowadays, children would prefer to use smartphones as a means of entertainment rather than go out and play with their friends. That fact is not extra-ordinary in developing countries, especially Vietnam.

However, with its long-lasting history, Vietnam still tries its best to preserve the old traditions so that the people will not forget where they come from. That is why you might have the opportunity to encounter traditional games on your Vietnam customized tour as a foreign tourist. 

And if you have the chance, we – Nadova Tours suggest that you should try at least once of those folk games to catch a grasp of Vietnamese traditional life. Check it out!

traditional games in Vietnam

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The most beautiful towns to visit when traveling to Vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating destination with breathtaking natural beauty, friendly locals and diverse culture. The country and its people seem to captivate travelers from the very first moments. Besides the vibrant and bustling cities which offer tourists plenty of interesting things to see and do, Vietnam has many smaller charming towns that could be on top of any bucket list. Let’s take a look at the list of the most beautiful towns in Vietnam from North to South that you shouldn’t miss during your Vietnam private tours:

Hoi An - Vietnam Holidays

Ancient Town Hoi An

7 best reasons to visit Hoi An on your Vietnam private tour

Why should Hoi An be added to my next travel destinations? Ask any people who has been before to Hoi An, the famous UNESCO World Heritage town in the central part of Vietnam, it is likely that you will have numerous good reasons: the food, the people, the architecture, the surrounding countryside and so much more. Hoi An seems to have everything to offer to its visitors. It doesn’t matter that you are just passing by this picturesque town for a couple of days or you are planning to explore and know its’ history, culture and lifestyle inside out, you will definitely fall in love with Hoi An. Let’s see our list of the best reasons you should travel to Hoi An during your Vietnam customized tour:

Hoi an tours in Vietnam

How to enjoy Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam?

While Tet is the most expected holiday in Vietnam, Mid-autumn festival (Tet Trung Thu) is second in popularity. This festival takes place on August 15th according to lunar calendar and in Gregorian calendar, it is around September. If you are, by chance, travelling to Vietnam on this occasion, there are many ways for you to enjoy this festival with the locals.

Over time, Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam has come to be known as Children’s Festival with most of its activities revolving around children. Therefore, if you are on a Vietnam customized tour with your children, there will be a great deal of activities at the Mid-autumn festival for your children to participate in and have fun!

Fullmoon Festival in Vietnam Private Tours

Specialties of Trinh Cong Son Pedestrian streets

After Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian area, the second pedestrian area in Hanoi was officially opened on May 2018 at the West lake area. This pedestrian street was named after “Trinh Cong Son” – a legendary musician in Vietnam, whose songs are still loved and leave a strong impact on Vietnamese modern music.

Trinh Cong Son pedestrian area has offered Hanoians and foreign tourists a wider range of choices on the weekends and help lessen the burden on Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian streets – which has been under congestion for a long time.

As a foreign tourist, there are always interesting things to expect from these streets whether you pick the pedestrian zone around Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake. Just like Hoan Kiem lake pedestrian zone, Trinh Cong Son pedestrian streets also have many specialties that captivate your attention every time you travel to Hanoi on a Vietnam customized tour.

Vietnam Private Tours in Trinh Cong Son street


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