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How to spend one week in Thailand?

Having kept yourself busy for a long year may make you exhausted and want to get away from it all. Therefore, in this winter break, why don’t you unwind for a bit with our Thailand customized tour? Associated with many breathtaking sceneries, religious places, stunning beaches, Thailand also offers you a wide range of tasty dishes which can satisfy not only your eyes but also your stomach. Plus, the 7-day itinerary may be suitable for you to explore this popular sightseeing in Thailand as well as come back to hectic work on time. Let take a look at our recommended schedule for you when visiting Thailand.

Koh River, Chiang Rai

Top crazy things to do on a Vietnam tour

Vietnam constitutes the ideal destination for you to escape from the hustle and bustle and soak into the diverse culture. However, if you have a thing for adventurous activities or extreme sports, there are a wide range of locations can satisfy your needs. Having your Vietnam private tour, you can be offered some skateboarding, snorkelling, a few rock climbing or surfing. All the thrills and spills are packaged in this list below, just check it out whether you are young or young at heart.

Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam

5 gorgeous destinations with cold climate in Southeast Asia

It is widely acknowledged that Southeast Asia is famous for tropical climate, striking beaches and laid- back lifestyle. Although these coastal cities have their temptation, why don’t you try to find some cold sites which are a little bit off the beaten path in this winter? There are some certain parts of Southeast Asia which can offer you a host of chilly destinations. Just bring your coat and you are good to explore such marvellous locations below.

Sa Pa, Vietnam

Things we should buy when travelling in Vietnam (Part 2)

In the previous article, we were pleased to introduce what to buy in your Vietnam private tour and how to find these items. You could find it easy when searching for Vietnamese souvenirs, couldn’t you? Today, visitors having Vietnam customized tours can have more options to purchase ranging from tropical fruits, ceramics or handicrafts. In particular, if you are planning to come to the South of Vietnam, make sure to look at the list below.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Things you should buy when travelling in Vietnam (Part 1)

Tourists who have Vietnam private tour have a tendency to buy some souvenirs or packed specialities as a way to reminisce about fond memories or present to family and friends. However, it is not easy when Vietnam is such a varied country with a host of must- buy things cataloging from delicate manmade crafts to the high- quality fabric. In order to help you find it more convenient to enjoy your tour in Vietnam, we will offer you the list of what to buy and where to purchase it, sorted from the North to South. Just check it out!

Tours in Hanoi, Vietnam


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