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What to eat in Hanoi winter in Vietnam Customized Tours?

Winter in Hanoi is a great time to enjoy hot and warm dishes. At this time, the capital Hanoi is quite cold (sometimes only about 10 degrees Celsius) but there is no rain. Therefore, it is extremely suitable to wander around the streets and find delicious food. Below are some winter Hanoi specialties that you must try on Vietnam Private Tours.

What to eat in Hanoi winter in Vietnam

1. Banh Duc Nong (Hot plain rice flan)

This dish is considered one of the most rustic and simple traditional cakes in Hanoi. Unlike the traditional Banh Duc, which is thick and smooth, Banh Duc Nong will be cooked with two typical types of flour: plain rice flour and tapioca starch.

Banh Duc Nong (Hot plain rice flan) in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Banh Duc Nong (Hot plain rice flan) in Hanoi, Vietnam)

Each bowl will have a soft and smooth white cake, a lot of minced meat stir-fried with wood ear mushrooms, herbs, fried onions and sweet and salty fish sauce that has been carefully seasoned according to the recipe. In particular, this Hanoi winter dish is also quite cheap (only about 15,000 - 25,000 VND/bowl), so it will be an extremely perfect afternoon meal in the cold winter weather.

2. Chao suon (Rib porridge)

Chao suon is a popular dish but very popular with Hanoi people. Instead of soaking and cooking directly, the rice will be ground and then cooked with the ribs until it reaches a smooth consistency. Pork ribs are stewed until tender, sprinkled with green onions, coriander and pepper. In particular, Vietnamese people often eat Chao suon with crispy fried noodles.

Chao suon (Rib porridge) in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Chao suon (Rib porridge) in Hanoi, Vietnam)

A bowl of delicious porridge that is just enough to warm the stomach but not too filling is a great choice for tourists in Vietnam Customized Tours. Some famous Chao suon vendor in Hanoi are Chao suon Huyen Anh(Dong Xuan night market, Hoan Kiem district), Chao suon Miss Hong (71 Hang Giay, Hoan Kiem district), Chao suon Ngo Huyen (no. 43 Ngo Huyen, Hoan Kiem district). Hoan Kiem),...

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3. Roasted corn and potatoes

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi in the winter, you will definitely come across many sidewalk shops with fragrant corn and grilled potatoes on small street corners. Currently, sellers have "upgraded" grilled corn dishes with sauces spread on their surface such as spicy sauce, cheese sauce, onion sauce,...

9Roasted corn and potatoes in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Roasted corn and potatoes in Hanoi, Vietnam)

It's simply sweet corn, sticky corn, and honey potatoes grilled over charcoal, but it brings a very cozy feeling. Every evening, on the crowded streets of Hanoi, there are always grilled corn stalls and many young people. often gather together in a small corner to eat and chat.

4. Banh Ran (Vietnamese Fried Balls)

One of the sought-after dishes in winter in Hanoi. Vietnamese Fried Balls usually have two types: Salty Fried Balls and Sweet Fried Balls. Salty Fried Balls with fillings including meat, vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms and often dipped in sweet fish sauce. Sweet Fried Balls will often have green bean filling on the inside and a layer of sugar or molasses on the outside.

Banh Ran (Vietnamese Fried Balls) in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Banh Ran (Vietnamese Fried Balls) in Hanoi, Vietnam)

Biting into a crispy piece of cake with hot filling will definitely make the cold outside immediately go away. Famous addresses selling Vietnamese Fried Balls in Hanoi are 52 Hang Chieu, Hoan Kiem District; Lane 16A Ly Nam De, Hoan Kiem District; No. 102e2 Thai Thinh, Dong Da district; ...

5. Hot steamed rice roll

Hot steamed rice roll is always one of the perfect choices for the cold Hanoi winter. Steamed rice roll is coated with a thin layer, filled with minced meat, wood ear mushrooms, and served with fragrant cinnamon rolls. In particular, the flavor of this dish becomes even more rich when dipped in fish sauce diluted with sugar, vinegar, garlic, chili, ...

Hot steamed rice roll in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Hot steamed rice roll in Hanoi, Vietnam)

6. Types of hot sweet gruel (Banh Troi Tau- Rice ball sweet gruel, Che San - Taro sweet gruel)

These types of tea are often sold from late afternoon to evening. This is the right time for you to eat a warm bowl of sweet soup to dispel the coldness of Hanoi's winter in Vietnam Private Tours.

Banh Troi Tau and Che San in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Banh Troi Tau and Che San in Hanoi, Vietnam)

A bowl of Banh Troi Tau will usually include two to three types of filling (green beans, black sesame,...) mixed into lumps. Besides, Che San is made from yellow cassava tubers cut into pieces. Adding a little coconut milk, grated coconut and a sweet and spicy broth with fresh ginger will bring an unforgettable flavor.

7. Hot pot

Hot pot is an indispensable dish in winter in Hanoi. This is considered a delicious and nutritious dish, helping to dispel the cold of winter. Hot pot is often eaten with raw vegetables such as water spinach, mustard greens, marjoram,... and various types of vermicelli, noodles, and vermicelli.

Hot pot in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Hot pot in Hanoi, Vietnam)

There are many popular types of hot pot in Hanoi, including: Crab hot pot, Spicy bamboo shoot frog hot pot, Beef hot pot dipped in vinegar, Chicken mushroom hot pot,... It's great to sit with close friends around a warm hot pot.

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Hanoi's weather in winter with its cold weather makes anyone feel excited. Winter in Hanoi is also an opportunity for you to experience typical dishes with irresistible flavors. Join Vietnam Customized Tours now and experience these unique things!

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