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Top 5 winter tourist destinations in the Northwest Vietnam

Not only does it have a brilliant golden rice season, the Northwest also attracts Vietnam Customized Tours tourists in the winter. Traveling to the Northwest in winter is attractive because of its different climate and wonderful landscape. If you're lucky, you can see snow falling without having to go far. Join Nadova to explore the must-go destinations this winter in Northwest Vietnam.

Top 5 winter tourist destinations in the Northwest Vietnam

1. Sapa (Lao Cai)

Winter in Sapa has made many tourists love it because of its unique beauty and cold air that few places in Vietnam have. Sapa in winter has majestic natural scenery with mysterious fog.

Sapa (Lao Cai) in winter
(Sapa (Lao Cai) in winter)

The ideal time to travel to Sapa in winter is from November to April, when the average temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. However, in cold weather years, the temperature can drop below zero degrees Celsius and snowfall. Places where you can watch snowfall in Sapa are Fansipan peak, Ham Rong mountain, Sapa heaven gate,...

2. Ha Giang

Starting from mid-December, the temperature in Ha Giang will gradually lower and frost will appear, at this time you will feel the cold of the high mountains. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties on cold winter days such as Thang Co, Thang Den, Au tau soup, Hot rice flour rolls,...

Ha Giang in winter
(Ha Giang in winter)

Ha Giang has famous cloud hunting locations such as Tay Con Linh peak - the roof of the Northeast region, Chieu Lau Thi peak, Ma Pi Leng pass, and Chin Khoanh slope. In winter, visitors can admire the fields of buckwheat flowers or mustard flowers spreading along Highway 4C and on the roads to Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh…

Ha Giang scenery in winter
(Ha Giang scenery in winter)

Coming to Ha Giang in winter, you have the opportunity to attend traditional local festivals: Fire Dancing Festival of the Pa Then people (from the 15th of the 10th lunar month to the 30th of the Lunar New Year), Khau Vai Love Market (only meeting once on the 27th day of the 3rd lunar month)...

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3. Moc Chau

Going through December and January is also the season to welcome the bitter cold to Moc Chau. The landscape at this time is extremely peaceful and romantic. The tea hills in December are covered with mist, creating a magical and wild beauty. Some localities in Moc Chau organize unique cultural events in winter, such as the mustard flower festival in Tan Lap, the buckwheat flower festival in Moc Chau,...

Moc Chau in winter
(Moc Chau in winter)

Moc Chau with its brightly blooming flowers amid the cold winter days of the Northwest is what attracts tourists. At this time, Moc Chau is covered with a pure white color of white mustard flowers from field to valley. There is also a blooming plum and apricot flower garden that attracts Vietnam Private Tours tourists.

4. Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai)

In mountainous areas of 1,500m or more, the average temperature here can fall below 20 degrees Celsius, in some places the temperature can sometimes fall below 0 degrees Celsius. In addition, traveling to Mu Cang Chai in the winter will also have dense, cold fog and occasionally some drizzle.

Mu Cang Chai in winter
(Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) in winter)

In addition to the white and yellow mustard flowers that are still blooming strongly, there is another very resilient flower that adds beauty to Mu Cang Chai - that is To Day flower (Wild peach blossoms). When wild sunflowers bloom, they "dye" the roads and hillsides in Mu Cang Chai. Walking along the road to the village in Vietnam Customized Tours, you will have beautiful check-in photos with this flower.

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5. Mai Chau

When coming to Mai Chau Hoa Binh in winter, the first beautiful spot you will admire is Thung Khe Pass because of its majestic and hazy scenery. Standing from Khe Thung pass, you will feel the entire forest of banyan flowers as white as snow. You will have great photo shoots with friends when you come to Mai Chau in winter.

Khe Thung pass Mai Chau in winter
(Khe Thung pass Mai Chau in winter)

Besides, you should go to Ban Lac (15km northwest of Mai Chau town). Visitors will be immersed in the traditional cultural space of the White Thai people in winter. Delicious dishes with cultural activities such as lighting fires, new rice offerings, bamboo dancing, etc. will help you dispel the cold of winter.

Mai Chau in winter
(Mai Chau in winter)

The rattan season in Hang Kia - Pa Co (Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province) usually lasts from October to April of the solar calendar. However, clouds are inherently quick to change, so if you want to have the most complete "cloud hunting" trip, don't forget to check the weather forecast before coming to Mai Chau!

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Northwest Vietnam is a land famous for its majestic, poetic nature and diverse culture of ethnic minorities. Northwest winter in Vietnam Private Tours brings a different beauty, with terraced fields covered with white snow, mountains covered in mist and warm friendly people. Come here once to experience it!


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