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Travel to Thailand: Which part to choose?

Maybe you know, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia. But why? The answer is simply amazing. Thailand is a destination that has something for everyone.

Whether summer months or any other time of year, whether you are a solo traveler or you are looking for a family vacation, you can always have fun in Thailand.

Don’t know where to enjoy your 2024 summer vacation to the fullest? Here’s our recommendation:


Bangkok: Best place for those who love a nonstop, energetic life

Bangkok - a go-to place when you don’t know where to go.

Bangkok is a mixture of bustle and modern sights, such as the famous Icon Siam, and ancient attractions, including Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace.


(Photo Credit: Nadova Tours)

Bangkok has one of the largest street markets in the world – Chatuchak Weekend Market with more than 300,000 street food stalls, together with various Michellin-starred fine dining restaurants.

Bangkok is all about the changes. It transforms every day, and never stays the same. So there are always new things to explore every time you visit this Land of Smile.

Chiang Mai: Best Place for slow and peaceful days

In Chiang Mai, not only can you find mountainous landscapes, and historical temples, but also a variety of de-stress activities such as jungle trekking, zip-lining, Thai cooking classes, etc.

Furthermore, you can even cruise down the Mae Ping River in a small wooden boat, stop by small riverside villages with traditional teak houses, and experience the authentic local lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a laidback living, Chiang Mai is the go-to place for you.

Chiang Rai: Best place for culture lovers

To all the culture lovers out there, Chiang Rai offers incredible landmarks that you cannot miss.

There are beautiful temples such as Wat Rong Suea Ten (The Blue Temple), Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai's iconic all-white temple.

Chiang Rai

(Photo Credit: Nadova Tours)

There are also fascinating museums including Baan Dam Museum with gorgeous little teak houses framed by gorgeous and intricate wood carvings, and Mae Fah Luang Art and Culture Park with the region's largest collection of folk art and teak artifacts, etc.

Chiang Rai provides us with an excellent opportunity to learn about the iconic hill tribes in rural areas of Northern Thailand.

Phuket: Best Place for beach life

Beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, friendly Thai people, and relatively low travel costs, Phuket has everything you need for a perfect getaway.

Start your day with a walk along the beach, hit up highly with a Thai cooking class, enjoy sightseeing and make an elephant sanctuary at the sunset, then have a fulfilled barbecue dinner and round off the day with parties all night long.

If you are still full of energy, take a long-tail boat tour to enjoy snorkeling land scuba diving.

​​Ko Samui: Best Place to Unwind Yourself

It is true to say that Ko Samui has everything you ever need.

There are ancient temples like Wat Plai Laem and Wat Phra Yai (also known as the Big Buddha Temple) for you to explore.

There are various five-star resorts with luxurious spa treatments in case you want to pamper yourself.

There are many outdoor activities including kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving right at Ang Thong National Marine Park if you are looking for adventure.

Most importantly, Ko Samui is a cosmopolitan melting pot of authentic cuisine, you can always find a variety of delicious food to fill your tummy.

Kanchanaburi: Best Place for nature lovers

Not as famous as Bangkok or Chiang Mai, but Kanchanaburi will surely make you surprise with its natural beauty at the very first sight.

Though the region is best known for the area's World War II sites (the notorious Bridge over the River Kwai), Kanchanaburi has way more attractions for you to explore. From seven-tiered waterfalls to Neolithic caves and national parks, a trip to Kanchanaburi is ideal for outdoor pursuits, including hiking and rafting.

"If you're into history, beautiful vistas, trains, and wildlife, you can get all of that in Kanchanaburi."

Without further ado, pack your bag, and let’s start your amazing summer adventure!

There’s no need to make plans or worry about forms and procedures, we will have everything done for you! All you need to do is imagine your dream summer vacation and let Nadova Tours make it come true. A customized summer vacation to Thailand just for you!


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