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How to prepare for trekking in the mountains of Northern Vietnam ?

The mountainous region of Northern Vietnam is a land with majestic nature, many beautiful landscapes and unique culture. Trekking is an activity loved by tourists, bringing visitors wonderful experiences of Vietnam Customized Tours. However, to have a safe and complete trekking trip, tourists need to carefully prepare their luggage and health. Let's find out through the blog below.

How to prepare for trekking in the mountains of Northern Vietnam

1. Trekking dressing

- Trekking shoes: Trekking shoes are specialized shoes for mountain climbing, with good grip soles, helping travelers avoid slipping when moving on rough terrain. There are 3 main types of trekking shoes: Low-cut trekking shoes (suitable for short-term hiking trips, relatively flat terrain), Mid-cut trekking shoes (suitable for long hikes, rugged terrain) and Mountaineering boots.
- Trekking backpack: Backpack is the most important item on a trekking trip, it will help visitors carry all the necessary items. The backpack should be sized appropriately for their height and physical condition, with sturdy hip and shoulder belts to help tourists feel comfortable when moving.
- Trekking clothes:
+ Summer in Northern Vietnam (Apr-Sep): Clothes need to be comfortable and absorb sweat well. Travelers should bring long-sleeved clothes, hats, and sunglasses to protect their body from tropical sunshine. Lightweight Jackets and thin gloves are necessary for forest trail routes.
+ Winter in Northern Vietnam (Oct - Mar): The higher you go, the lower the temperature. So in winter in the mountains the temperature can be below 10 degrees Celsius. Tourists should bring a winter Jacket, winter gloves, Gaiters (leech bite prevention in tropical forest)

Trekking dressing
(Trekking dressing)

2. Trekking supplies

Trekking supplies are an indispensable part. The tools below will help travelers in case they get lost or have difficulty during trekking.
- Trekking poles
- Raincoat
- Camp
- Tent pins and stakes
- Sleeping bag
- Flashlight and LED light
- Sleeping bag liner
- Knives, multi-purpose tools

Trekking supplies
(Trekking supplies)

Some things to note are to choose equipment that suits the needs and purpose of the trip, thoroughly check the equipment before going to make sure it works well, and arrange tools neatly in your backpack for easy access when needed.

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3. Trekking equipment

- Navigation device: Mountain trekking trips are characterized by having to follow the exact route to ensure safety and follow the correct route to reach the destination at the right time. Therefore, tourists need to be equipped with tools such as a route guide map and GPS, a navigation device, a compass, and possibly an altimeter.
- Medical equipment: Medical equipment and tools are one of the indispensable things when trekking in the mountains of Northern Vietnam because the mountain roads are often deserted without houses, so visitors need to be fully prepared to take care of themselves more dynamic. Includes: Medical kit and basic medications such as headache medicine, fever reducer, stomach ache, diarrhea, pain reliever. There are also insect repellant sprays and personal medications.

Navigation device and Medical equipment in trekking
(Navigation device and Medical equipment in trekking)

4. Identification documents

Whether travelers choose to travel on their own or join Vietnam Customized Tours, they need to bring identification. Remember to keep their documents in separate folders to avoid falling and make them easy to find when needed.
Types of identification documents that can be brought:
- Citizen identification card
- Passport
- Driving license

Identification documents in trekking
(Identification documents in trekking)

You should store your identification documents carefully to avoid loss or damage: You can keep your identification documents in a small bag and wear it on your person or keep it in a backpack.

5. Personal items

In addition to trekking items, tourists must bring personal items for daily activities in Vietnam Private Tours. However, they should only bring the most necessary things to avoid making their backpack bulky and heavy.
- Sunscreen
- Personal bag: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo bag,...
- Insect sprays
- Backup charger
- Towels and toilet paper
- Phone, camera or Gopro camcorder
- Drinking water: Drinking water should be stored in a water bottle with a tight lid.
- Food: easy to eat, do not require processing, and have high nutritional content.

Personal items in trekking
(Personal items in trekking)

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6. Knowledge and experience

Before going trekking, you need to carefully learn about the trekking location, weather, route, and necessary conditions for the trip. If you are a beginner, you should start with short and easy routes. Once you have experience, you can try longer and more difficult routes.

Knowledge and experience in trekking
(Knowledge and experience in trekking)

You should also consult the experiences of people who have gone trekking before. This will help you be more confident during the trip and handle situations that arise well. You can search for experience on forums, websites, or directly ask friends who have trekking experience. Easier, you can book a trekking tour at travel companies to receive dedicated advice.

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Trekking is an adventure sport activity, requiring participants to have good health, trekking skills and careful preparation. Above is the necessary information about preparing for a trekking trip in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Hopefully this information will help travelers have a safe and fulfilling trip in Vietnam Private Tours.


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