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When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?

One of the very important questions that will come in mind of travelers is about the perfect time to do the tour. In fact, even when you make lots of research and ask for advice for the best time to visit a country, it is not likely that you can plan you trip happen exactly as advised. How about Vietnam? When it should be the best time to make your Vietnam Customized Holidays? Just take it easy, the answer is pretty simple and may surprise you a bit, for Vietnam there is no perfect time to visit the country as any time of the year can be good for a Vietnam Tour.

Vietnam is a long, S-shaped country which stretches over 1,000 km from North to South and deciding on the best time to visit can be complicated. Due to the country’s length, the weather can change significantly from one region to another. At the moment when the far north mountainous areas have the hard frost or even snow, the beaches in the south still enjoy sunshine and temperature around 32*C. Therefore, travel to any part of Vietnam in any season can be possible and you will encounter both sunshine and rain in differing quantities.

With the huge regional variety in climate in Vietnam, the best time to enjoy for example a 3-week Vietnam Holidays will depend on the tour itinerary and the intended places to visit:

Best time to visit Vietnam Vietnam Customized Holidays

Best places to visit from Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (or still known as Sai Gon) is Vietnam’s biggest city and commercial center, which is normally a start or end point of a Vietnam Tour. Of course, as the country’s highest population density, a visit to Ho Chi Minh City will give tourist an impression of a bustle, hustle and modern city but fascinating and uniquely still. No matter how long or short you will stay in Sai Gon during your Vietnam Customized Holidays, there are beautiful places that you can travel to from the city for a day or couple of days.

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Customized Holidays

How do people live in Hanoi Old Quarter?

Hanoi is often the start or end point of a trip to Vietnam, and what a great welcome or farewell it is! If you have been to Hanoi or still at the initial stage of planning your Vietnam Customized Holidays, you can easily see Hanoi Old Quarter in all the top lists of where to go or what to do in Vietnam. So, Hanoi Old Quarter is really attractive, lively and dynamic, which is reflected in the busy life of local people, the sound in the small streets and the tastes of local food. Tours of Old Quarter are truly Hanoi’s specialty and many foreign travelers take interest in the Old Quarter’s history and the traditional lifestyle of Hanoians. However, have you ever been curious about how people in Hanoi Old Quarter can live and enjoy their life in such a cramped places?

Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam ToursHanoi Old Quarter

Best local markets in Hanoi should not be missed

A crowded local market always has full tastes of a region and its people. Wandering around, you can see local lifestyle, culture and culinary as well. In Hanoi – Vietnam’s Capital, all the local markets are always bustling with hundreds of stalls selling everything from morning to evening. Imagining, all home meals of the people here begin from their markets, so there is no better place for tourists to have first-hand experience of local daily life than markets when they travel to Vietnam. Here are the list of best local markets you should not miss when staying in Hanoi during your Vietnam Tour:

Hanoi Wet Market Vietnam Private ToursTypical wet market in Hanoi

The most 7 fascinating museums in Indochina

Museums are hugely important in travel industry, and contribute significantly to a tourist’s experience when visiting a country. However, there can be a long list of reasons that many travelers do not want to visit a museum in their tour schedule. Assuming that they might have been to a disappointing museum before and the experience can be enough to put them off museum-going for a long time. In fact, when a museum is good, it can be very, very good in providing travelers a good sense of the local place and it is a great way of getting to know the history and culture of a particular area. Indochina, for instance, is a wonderful land to know and feel deeply in just a few days of your tours in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. Nevertheless, Indochina has no shortage of good museums that could tell you great stories of local history and culture. Below are seven of the best:

Vietnam-Women-Museum Vietnam Private ToursVietnam Women Museum


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