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Best places for day trips in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh is a beautiful destination in North Vietnam which is relatively easy to visit from Hanoi. The traveling time is 2 hours by road or 3 hours by rail and you can easily cover few attractions within a day in Ninh Binh. Recently, many tourists have known about the stunning natural beauty of Ninh Binh and wanted to include this spot on the travel schedule of their customized holidays in Vietnam. Here are the list of best places in Ninh Binh that can make a perfect day trip

Trips in Ninh Binh, Vietnam Tours

Angkor Wat – 13 Interesting facts and myths

If you intend to go on a customized tour to Cambodia, Angkor Wat is absolutely a destination you should not miss. Built from thousands of years ago, this ancient temple is said to be surrounded by myths, secrets and interesting facts. Check them out below!

Angkor Wat

Best tips to stay healthy during holidays in Vietnam

Generally speaking, Vietnam is a healthy and safe destination to travel, but you should not expect the western levels of development in all areas. For many first-time travelers to Vietnam, it is difficult to know the simple ways of staying healthy and avoid getting sick in the country. Here are some useful tips to stay healthy when going on the Vietnam customized tours:

Typical street in Vietnam Customized Tours

Food and drink safety when traveling in Vietnam

It is difficult for a new traveler to know what to eat, what to drink and how to stay healthy with the local food and drink during the private holidays in Vietnam. Obviously, nothing is worse than getting sick while you are traveling in a foreign country. It can be one of the fastest ways to ruin your Vietnam customized tour. Besides travel scams, food and drink safety is another common concern when people planning their tours in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at some useful tips of food and drink safety to stay healthy while travel to Vietnam:

Pho Vietnam - Vietnam Food Tours

Top reasons Ninh Binh should be your next destination to travel

When people plan their holidays in Vietnam, just few of them think about Ninh Binh as one of the beautiful places in the northern Vietnam to travel. Obviously, Ninh Binh is far less popular than Hanoi, Sapa or Halong Bay to visit on a tour in Vietnam. However, Ninh Binh is an amazing destination with great diversity as well as extremely traveler friendly. Let’s take a look at the top reasons that you should include Ninh Binh in your list of best destinations to visit during the Vietnam customized tours:


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