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When is the best time to visit Thailand ?

Known as the land of golden temples, Thailand is always an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists possessing a new beauty and unique culture. Thailand Private Tours is a combination of unique culture, attractive cuisine, beautiful natural landscapes and reasonable prices. So when is the best time of year to fully enjoy Thailand? Let's find out through the blog below!

The best time to visit Thailand/When is the best time to visit Thailand

Thailand's climate is a tropical savanna climate, characterized by hot sunshine and lots of rain. The average annual temperature is about 32-35 degrees Celsius. Located in the sub-equatorial tropical region, the climate in the land of the Golden Temple is divided into 3 distinct tourist seasons.

Cool season (November to February)

The weather in Thailand at this time is quite cool, there is almost no rain and the temperature is not too high. Besides, the clear blue sea water and lush trees also create convenience for your trip. This can be considered the peak tourist season in the land of the Golden Temple. Therefore, the cost of traveling in this season will be more expensive than in other months.

Cool season (November to February) in Thailand
(Cool season (November to February) in Thailand)

Festivals in Thailand are concentrated during this period. In November, Thailand has the Loy Krathong flower festival in Chiang Mai. Thousands of flower lanterns will be released in the sky on an extremely beautiful evening. If you are a flower lover, you should not miss the flower festival in Chiang Mai (starts in the first week of February for 3 days). This is a good opportunity for girls to see the bright flowers blooming on the streets. In addition, the Wonderfruit music and arts festival is also a major festival with the participation of top Thai and Asian superstars.

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Dry season (April to June)

In contrast to the first months of the year, Thailand's weather begins to heat up in April. Summer in Thailand has hot weather, so tourists often tend to go to the beaches and islands. Among them, the beach paradise of Pattaya and Phuket are the places that attract the most tourists with a series of attractive underwater entertainment activities such as diving to see coral, riding a banana boat, windsurfing, kayaking, …

Dry season (April to June) in Thailand Beaches
(Dry season (April to June) in Thailand Beaches)

In April, although the temperature is quite high, the number of tourists flocking to Thailand is still very large. Because the largest water festival in Thailand - Songkran Festival takes place from April 13 to 15. This is an opportunity for Thai people to celebrate the new year according to the traditional calendar. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience water games and splash water on each other comfortably and happily in Thailand Customized Tours.

Dry season (April to June) in Thailand
(Dry season (April to June) in Thailand)

If you want to travel this season but the air is cooler, you can go to Northern Thailand. Including Chiang Mai (Karen Long Neck Village, Botanic Garden, Chui Fong tea hill,...); Chiang Rai (Singha Farm Park, Chiang Rai Clock Tower,...); Lamphun (Lamphun Elephant Conservation Center, Mae Takhrai National Park,...);...

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Rainy season (July to October)

Rain mainly focuses on this period, in which August and September are the rainiest months, with the heaviest rainfall of the year. Therefore, this is also the time when there are fewer tourists and is also the low month of the year. However, this season is very suitable for those who love peace and want to travel to Thailand at the most economical cost. When participating in Thailand Private Tours during this period, visitors can experience countless cheap services. From hotels, air tickets, tours to sightseeing tickets, meals,...

Rainy season (July to October) in Thailand floating markets
(Rainy season (July to October) in Thailand floating markets)

This is also the fruit season in Thailand. You can visit the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak, Tailing Chan, Amphawa,... to admire and buy your favorite fruits. The Thai vegetarian festival also lasts for 10 days in September. If you love vegetarianism, you can also go during this time to experience this Thai culture.

Rainy season (July to October) in Thailand
(Rainy season (July to October) in Thailand)

However, if you travel to Thailand in the rainy season, you need to remember to bring an umbrella, raincoat and appropriate clothing to avoid getting caught in the rain while visiting.

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Each season of the year in Thailand has a different beauty, depending on your needs and purposes, you can choose the most suitable time for yourself. However, from November to February next year is probably the time with the mildest climate that you can visit, shop, experience the festival feeling,... in this Golden Temple country. The question "When is the best time to visit Thailand ?" was answered by Nadova in an article above. Hope it will help you in your upcoming trip in Thailand Customized Tours.


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