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Top 8 must-try dishes in Cambodia

Traveling is not only a non-stop trip to see the sights, but also a journey to experience culture, people and especially cuisine. Cambodian cuisine is deeply influenced by the culinary styles of neighboring countries such as China and India, so when you come to Cambodia you will enjoy discovering the quintessence of Oriental cuisine. In this blog, this will answer your question about what to eat when participating in Cambodia Private Tours with 8 specialties in this country.

Top 8 must-try dishes in Cambodia

Amok Steamed Fish

Amok is one of the most famous traditional dishes of the people of the pagoda country. The main ingredient used to prepare this dish is snakehead fish or catfish, especially fruit fish. They are combined with Cambodia's unique spices such as khuong, coconut milk, eggs, palm sugar, prohock fish sauce and some gooseberry leaves,...

Amok Steamed Fish in Cambodia
(Amok Steamed Fish in Cambodia)

Amok steamed fish is a unique traditional Cambodian dish and is prepared very elaborately and delicately. The unique feature of Amok steamed fish dish is also in the decoration of the dish, the characteristic of this dish is that it is often presented in a "bowl" made from banana leaves.

Curry Cambodia (Khmer Red Curry)

If you are a fan of spicy dishes, Khmer Red Curry is the perfect choice for you. Cambodians choose curry ingredients from beef, chicken, green beans, kroeung, potatoes, lemongrass, coconut milk and are often used to eating with bread. The combination of typical ingredients and unique features creates a difference, Khmer red curry will definitely make it difficult for you to refuse to enjoy this dish.

Curry Cambodia (Khmer Red Curry) in Cambodia
(Curry Cambodia (Khmer Red Curry) in Cambodia)

Khmer red curry is a dish used on major and special occasions such as weddings, gatherings, ancestors' days, religious holidays, etc.

Num Banh Chok (Fish Curry Noodle Soup)

Curry noodle soup is known as the "national dish" of the pagoda country. You can enjoy this dish in eateries, restaurants or at steaming street vendors on the streets. You can easily see stalls of steaming Nom banh chok. On one side is a basket of fresh vegetables, including banana flowers, papaya, lotus roots, cowpeas, celery, some herbs, mint leaves, lemon and chili. On the other side is white fish curry sauce, rich, sweet, and fragrant.

Num Banh Chok (Fish Curry Noodle Soup) in Cambodia
(Num Banh Chok (Fish Curry Noodle Soup) in Cambodia)

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Bai Sach Chrouk (Pork Rice)

Bai Sach Chrouk is a simple dish, but is considered by many people to be "the best in the country". The pork rice dish includes a plate of fragrant sticky rice, topped with thinly sliced pork marinated in coconut milk and garlic, grilled slowly over charcoal to retain its natural sweetness. People often eat pickled cucumbers, pickled radishes, fried eggs and a cup of chicken soup.

Bai Sach Chrouk (Pork Rice) in Cambodia
(Bai Sach Chrouk (Pork Rice) in Cambodia)

Normally, this dish will be sold on many street corners early in the morning so foreign tourists can easily enjoy Bai Sach Chrouk without spending too much effort searching. Bai Sach Chrouk has a simple preparation method but has an unforgettable rich flavor.

Kdam chaa (Fried Green Pepper Crab)

Coming to Kep town without enjoying a Cambodian specialty called Kdam Chaa is a waste. Kdam Chaa is Fried Green Pepper Crab made from whole shell crabs with kampot pepper and spices such as sesame oil, garlic, onions, lemongrass, cornstarch, etc. The crab after being fried has a beautiful orange color and attractive aroma, juicy crab meat is seasoned to suit most visitors.

Kdam chaa (Fried Green Pepper Crab) in Cambodia
(Kdam chaa (Fried Green Pepper Crab) in Cambodia)

Lap Khmer (Beef Salad/Khmer Beef Salad)

Lap Khmer is the name of Khmer beef salad, this is a favorite dish because of its attractive sour and spicy flavor, easy to make as a snack with friends in Cambodia Customized Tours. In particular, Cambodians like almost fresh beef because its taste is very sweet. This is a dish especially loved by men.

Lap Khmer (Beef Salad_Khmer Beef Salad) in Cambodia
(Lap Khmer (Beef Salad_Khmer Beef Salad) in Cambodia)

Lap Khmer dish has a harmonious sweet, sour, spicy and salty flavor. The rare beef is cut into small pieces, mixed with dried onions, minced garlic, lemon juice, fish sauce and herbs. The preparation is simple but you won't get tired of eating it all the time.

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Ang Dtray Meuk (Grilled Squid)

You will easily find delicious and fresh Ang dtray meuk grilled squid in coastal cities like Sihanouk or Kep. The squid is marinated in lemon juice or fish sauce and then grilled. The dish is served with Koh Kong sauce, made from garlic, fresh chili, fish sauce, lemon juice and sugar.

Ang Dtray Meuk (Grilled Squid) in Cambodia
(Ang Dtray Meuk (Grilled Squid) in Cambodia)

Other grilled dishes here are also extremely diverse, from seafood dishes to wild meat dishes filled with extremely attractive spices.

Red Ants stir-fried with Beef

Delicious Cambodian specialties made from insects have long been famous in the world. But the most unique dish is Red ants stir-fried with beef and basil.

Red Ants stir-fried with Beef in Cambodia
(Red Ants stir-fried with Beef in Cambodia)

The dish is seasoned with beef, red ants, ginger, chili garlic and lemongrass. This dish is more delicious when served with rice. Coming to Cambodia Private Tours, remember to try red ants stir-fried with beef to enjoy the interesting things from Cambodian cuisine.

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Traveling to Cambodia in recent years is a journey chosen by many tourists because Cambodia not only has many famous scenic spots but is also the land of hundreds of delicious and equally unique dishes. In particular, traveling to Cambodia Customized Tours from November to April next year is the time when you will enjoy the most beautiful weather. Don't hesitate to contact Nadova Tours immediately for advice on your upcoming trip to Cambodia.

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