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Top things you should prepare before having Myanmar private tour

Myanmar boasted a wide range of stunning beaches and culinary delights. It is definitely an ideal country for people who yearn for an enjoyable getaway after COVID-19 outbreak. But, for first- time travelers, there are some obstacles for you to blend into a brand new country and have a fulfilled Myanmar family tour like language barriers or dress code. Just digging into what you should know in advance when coming to this gorgeous country.

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Get the hang of some common Khmer words

It is not easy to learn Myanmar language since it has complicated syntax. However, if you can, try to remember some simple words. This may help you a lot when you get lost, need to find local cuisines or at least, say “hi” to the locals. One of the most useful ones are mingalarbar, which is a common greeting, and je zu bah, which means thank you. Knowing at least these two phrases will help you go a long way and gain hospitality when interacting with the residents. Plus, you can “google” some social etiquettes in Myanmar and try to follow them as much as possible.

Khmer words

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Don’t forget to wear suitable garments

When you’re entering some sacred sites like Buddhist temple or a local pagoda, it is wise to follow their own rules, such as no shoes, no socks, no skimpy skirts or no cargo shorts. This is a necessary things you should do to show your respect to the home country. Otherwise, you may receive some stares from the locals. In case you wear unappropriated clothes, you can cover yourself in spare clothes. Besides, if you have a Myanmar customized tour during summer vacation, don’t forget to bring some tubes of sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin.

Clothes in sacred place in Myanmar

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Always smile

Smiling is a universal language, so don’t hesitate to put a grin on your face when coming to Myanmar. Whether you are grabbing a taxi ordering some dishes or asking for directions, always try to smile. Most of Myanmar people are amicably and they are welcomed to respond to your body language. In particular, when you are a global tourist, locals may trust you a lot more if you smile. In some rural areas of Myanmar, foreigners are a rare sight and you may get stares. Therefore, smile is the way to greet locals and they will inevitably smile back. What a pleasant exchange!

Smile in Myanmar

Haggle for Taxis

Taxis in Myanmar don’t have fixed pricing. Grabbing a taxi from the airport to downtown can be a hassle, especially when you are a visitor. In order to avoid a rip-off, don’t be afraid to haggle. Standard fare from most places in Yangon should be between $2-3.7 and between US$6.5-7.50 to the airport or National Bus Station. You can depend on the price list to bargain properly. Just don’t be impolite or rude when haggling.

Cabs in Myanmar

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Bring hand sanitizer and tissues

In the context of Corona pandemic, it is better when you can bring along some personal stuff to protect yourself. This applies not just to Myanmar, but it is a useful tip for any destinations. You will likely be travelling for long periods on public transportations like buses or cabs. It means that you may touch many things and you might be exposed to the disease. Be active and do not over-reliant on public toilets, prepare some hand hygiene and water tissues before having a Myanmar private tour. Particularly, there is a little convenience store in Myanmar, so it is better to bring your own.

Hand Sanitizer in Myanamar

Jot down some must- try dishes

Myanmar is synonymous with a great deal of savoury cuisines that you should taste at least once. To optimize your experience without breaking the bank, you should take note of some popular local dishes in advance. Among them, tea leaf salad is an ideal choice. This dish is served in the form of lephet thoke. To make the dish, the sour, slightly bitter leaves are mixed by hand with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crunchy deep-fried beans, nuts and peas, a splash of garlic oil and pungent slices of chilli and garlic. Other cuisines like Shan-style rice, which is an oily and sublime dish or Burmese curry also deserve to give a try. Plus, don’t forget to stop by some well-known eateries in your Myanmar travel package, which are home to the sticky yellow stuff. This dish is served over thin rice noodles and seasoned chicken or pork. It's decorated with a drizzle of chilli oil and includes sides of pickled veggies and broth. It's a mouth-watering and visually combination. If you're a fan of rich flavours, this one is cut out for you. Last but not least, in case you are allergic to some specific ingredients, be aware before tasting a dish.

Foods in Myanmar

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