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Top 6 mountainous camping destinations in Northern Vietnam

Camping has long been a hobby for many tourists because it is a great way to relax after stress and gather with loved ones. The mountainous region of Northern Vietnam is the place that tourists seek to enjoy the fresh air and majestic scenery in Vietnam Private Tours. Below, Nadova introduces to you 6 camping locations with beautiful scenery that will make you fascinated in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam.

Top 6 mountainous camping destinations in Northern Vietnam

1. Lao Than (Lao Cai)

Lao Than peak is 2862 meters high, also one of the highest peaks in our country. This mountain not only has thousands of layers of beautiful white clouds on top but also possesses beautiful forests with diverse vegetation. The climbing journey takes you through paths through the forest filled with flowers before reaching the clouds.

Camping in Lao Than
(Camping in Lao Than (Lao Cai))

Coming to Lao Than to climb mountains, hunt clouds and camp, visitors also have the opportunity to live virtually with the turtle head rock, also known as the fishing rock. The turtle's head lies in the middle of the clouds, in front are white clouds and the majestic Northwest mountains and forests. The sunrise to Lao Than peak has captivated thousands of tourists with its bright sunlight and sparkling clouds.

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2. Magic Eye Mountain (Cao Bang)

On the top of the mountain, there is a circular cave with a diameter of more than 50m, like the "eye" of the mountain. This is considered a "unique" mountain in Vietnam. Tourists coming here, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, can set up tents and camp overnight, enjoying moments of relaxation and rest amidst the poetic natural scenery.

Camping in Magic Eye Mountain (Cao Bang)
(Camping in Magic Eye Mountain (Cao Bang))

There are many camping rental areas here, so you don't need to prepare anything for Vietnam Customized Tours. In the evening when the temperature drops, we will gather around a warm fire, share a few potatoes and chat happily in the middle of a peaceful green meadow. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the rustic life of the Tay people in Cao Bang region. Visit the stilt houses and see them grow plants and catch fish every day.

3. Ta Xua (Son La)

Normally, people will camp overnight on Ta Xua peak so they can get up early the next day to hunt clouds. There are two places to camp and hunt Ta Xua clouds: Dinosaur Back and Ta Xua Cloud Paradise (you search for these two places on Google Maps).

Camping in Ta Xua (Son La)
(Camping in Ta Xua (Son La))

The adventure and endless natural scenery are what make the Ta Xua range attractive. This place is known as "cloud paradise" - just reach out and you can touch the floating white clouds. However, rattan hunting in Ta Xua depends a lot on the weather, so don't be disappointed if you can't hunt rattan.

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4. Tram mountain (Ha Noi)

Dubbed the "miniature Ha Giang stone plateau", Tram Mountain is an extremely hot camping location, attracting many visitors inside and outside the city. Remember to prepare items in advance such as camping tents, seating covers, food,... to have a perfect picnic. Grilling meat, singing, and confiding together in such a vast space is an experience that you will probably never forget.

Camping in Tram mountain (Ha Noi)
(Camping in Tram mountain (Ha Noi))

Perhaps there are few places just 40km from the city center that have such a top view. Tram Mountain is an extremely valuable scenic coordinate that cannot be missed. Although not high, Tram Mountain has many steep and dangerous cliffs, creating a giant rocky valley with countless interesting shapes. You can discover the charm of each rock formation during the climb.

5. Ham Lon mountain (Ha Noi)

Ham Lon Mountain is located in Soc Son district, 40 km from the capital. This is the closest camping spot to Hanoi, visited by many young people on weekends. Ham Lon Mountain has a large lake with poetic natural scenery. Around the lake, there are many spacious, flat areas of land that are very suitable for setting up camps and holding barbecue parties. The space is cool and airy.

Camping in Ham Lon mountain (Ha Noi)
(Camping in Ham Lon mountain (Ha Noi))

You can admire the mountain scenery and natural water sources in Vietnam Private Tours. Especially in the early morning, there is dew on the lake surface, creating extremely magical and beautiful smoke. You can conquer Ham Lon peak by trekking for 2-3 hours on a relatively easy and flat road.

6. Ban Ang pine forest (Moc Chau)

With a total area of over 43 hectares, including a towering green pine forest, stretching across red-brown hillsides and a cool lake, this place has become a new camping spot in the Northern region. This area has just been renovated and has been invested in a lot of camping equipment with full tables, chairs, and comfortable sleeping tents.

Ban Ang pine forest (Moc Chau)
(Ban Ang pine forest (Moc Chau))

The campsite is isolated in the middle of a pine forest and has a large lake, so the air is always cool and fresh at noon. When camping here, you can bring food and drinks, as long as you clean up after leaving. In the evening, the campsite is decorated with lights everywhere, creating a sparkling, romantic scene like in Korean movies.

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Above are the top extremely attractive cloud hunting camping locations in the Northern Vietnam mountains that tourists cannot miss. Having the opportunity to experience all the camping spots in Vietnam Customized Tours, you will see that Vietnam is truly beautiful and majestic, no less than any other country in the world. Hopefully after reading this article, visitors can more easily choose a relaxing camping location and conquer the mountains and forests of the North.


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