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The best time to visit Cambodia Private Tours

Cambodia is loved by many tourists for its wild and ancient beauty. In addition, culture and cuisine are also interesting things that Cambodia Customized Tours visitors want to explore. However, many people still wonder which is the best month of the year to travel to Cambodia? Let's explore this question in detail in the article below.

The best time Cambodia/The best time to visit Cambodia Private Tours

General information about Cambodia

Cambodia borders Thailand to the North, Laos to the Northeast and Vietnam to the East-Southeast. With this ideal location, Cambodia has up to 443 km of coastline along the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. Since 2008, Cambodia has been divided into 25 administrative units including 24 provinces and the capital Phnom Penh is considered a special administrative unit.

General information about Cambodia
(General information about Cambodia)

This country is famous for possessing a unique ecosystem, gathering many rare animal species, most notably gaur, elephant and tiger. Besides nature, religious factors are also one of the advantages that make tourists often visit this place. Buddhism is the official religion of the country, with more than 97% of the population being Buddhists.

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What is the climate like in Cambodia?

Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate, with an average temperature of 26.7 degrees Celsius but almost always exceeding the 30 degree mark. The weather in Cambodia is divided into two distinct rainy and dry seasons. Specifically, the rainy season usually lasts from May to October every year; From November to March it will be dry and sunny for a long time.

What is the climate like in Cambodia
(What is the climate like in Cambodia)

Which season of the year is best to travel to Cambodia?

December to May (Dry season)

Due to the influence of the Northeast monsoon, the weather is extremely cool and pleasant, suitable for sightseeing activities. The weather is dry, little rain and beautiful sunshine, convenient for traveling and sightseeing.
January is the peak season for Cambodia Private Tours tourism with cool temperatures. You should visit Angkor Wat or walk along the banks of the Phnom Penh River. However, you should note that hotel room rental prices and airfare prices are 2-3 times higher than usual. If you don't want to encounter crowds at this time, you should go to Kampo town or Sihanoukville beach.

Dry season at the beginning of the year in Cambodia
(Dry season at the beginning of the year in Cambodia)

If you are a culture lover, you should go to Cambodia in April so as not to miss the traditional New Year and the extremely special Bom Chaul Chnam Water Festival. May also brings together major holidays such as International Labor Day, Royal Plowing Ceremony, King Sihamoni's birthday,...

Dry season is April to May in Cambodia
(Dry season is April to May in Cambodia)

However, if you can't stand the heat or don't have good physical strength, you should avoid April and May - the hottest months in Cambodia when the daily temperature fluctuates around 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you need to bring a hat. Full hat, umbrella and sunscreen, prepare long clothes to have the best tour.

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June to November (rainy season)

Heavy rain lasts nearly the entire month, especially in July and August. It is advised that you avoid traveling to Cambodia Customized Tours at this time because storms can occur. may affect the trip. However, this is also the time when traveling to Cambodia is cheaper and there are fewer tourists.
During this season, you can travel from September to October to explore the countryside or visit floating villages or mangrove forests. Besides, tourists can admire majestic waterfalls such as Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri. In particular, many Pchum Ben festivals also take place here with attractive activities.

Rainy season in June to November
(Rainy season in June to November)

If you come to this country this November, you can visit many islands and beaches in Cambodia such as Song Saa, Koh Thmei Beach (Ream National Park), Koh rong samloem, … This time is at the end of the rainy season so the sea water is clear and beautiful. More specifically, the water festival or boat race is often held in mid-November. The atmosphere will become extremely exciting in Cambodia.

What clothes should I wear when traveling to Cambodia?

When do you know which month is the best to travel to Cambodia? It's best to prepare clothes appropriate for the weather. If you travel to Cambodia during the hot season, you should bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a sunscreen shirt.

What clothes should I wear when traveling to Cambodia
(What clothes should I wear when traveling to Cambodia)

When going to tourist attractions such as palaces and temples, you should dress discreetly and politely. In addition, you should also bring flip flops, sneakers, and sandals because you have to walk a lot, and wearing high heels will cause foot fatigue.

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So Nadova has just helped you answer the question of which season is best to travel to Cambodia, right? Immediately save the weather characteristics of the months so you can plan your upcoming Cambodia Private Tours!

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