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8 Best Souvenirs that You Must Buy in Vietnam Private Tours

A small souvenir, but with great cultural significance, bearing the characteristics of a country. Everyone who travels loves to buy gifts for family and friends after the trip. Shopping is a way to immerse yourself in the local culture in every Vietnam Private Tours trip. Below is a list of souvenirs that visitors should buy as gifts for every occasion in Vietnam.

Souvenirs in Vietnam

Palm-leaf conical hat (Non La)

The conical hat is a symbol of Vietnamese culture. The conical hat is familiar with the funnel structure and has the effect of blocking rain and sun. Conical hat is an indispensable item of Vietnamese women when combined with charming traditional costumes such as Ao Dai, Ao Ba Ba, ...

Non la in Vietnam(Non la in Vietnam)

Visitors can find conical hats anywhere in tourist destinations. They come in all sizes, styles and designs with bold Vietnamese accents that international friends love.

Ao Dai

Since the 18th century, the Ao Dai has been honored to become the national costume of Vietnam. The Vietnamese Ao Dai is discreet but sexy, the fragile Ao Dai embraces every soft and seductive line of a woman. Many foreign tourists to Vietnam are very fond of Ao Dai and some people have ordered a few sets to bring back.

Ao Dai in Vietnam
(Ao Dai in Vietnam)

Today, there are modern Ao Dai with two shorter flaps and a change to the collar, but still retaining the traditional beauty. This makes it easier for the people to move and suitable for more occasions.

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Brocade (Do tho cam)

Vietnamese brocade is a familiar image of many international tourists when coming to Vietnam Customized Tours. In any shop in the tourist area, we also see stalls selling all kinds of brocade items from bags, towels, clothes, hats, dresses to key chains.

Brocade in Vietnam
(Brocade in Vietnam)

Brocades are often handmade and boldly ethnic, so they are loved by tourists. Brocade weaving products are not only popular with people of ethnic groups in the high mountains but also become an "expensive" item in most of Vietnam's tourist areas.

Rice painting (Tranh gao)

Rice painting is a rather special line of paintings, imbued with the national identity of the Vietnamese people. These works of art are made with rice grains made by Vietnamese people. To color the picture, the artist had to roast the rice grains to a certain ripeness, then match the small grains of rice with different colors to create a beautiful picture.

Rice paining in Vietnam
(Rice paining in Vietnam)

The popular themes of rice paintings are landscapes, working people, portraits and calligraphy. Therefore, it always attracts the attention and sympathy of foreign tourists because of its uniqueness and sophistication.

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Souvenirs made from bamboo

Bamboo is the symbol of the Vietnamese people, expressing the integrity and resilience of the Vietnamese people. With their meticulousness and ingenuity, artisans can create many wonderful works from bamboo used in daily life. Besides, they also sculpt them into different shapes, like a boat, a cyclo or a scenic spot in Vietnam Private Tours.

Souvenirs made from bamboo in Vietnam
(Souvenirs made from bamboo in Vietnam)

Souvenirs made from pottery

Vietnam is proud to be one of the countries that has preserved and developed the oldest ceramic craft up to the present time. In addition to the common dishes and pots, there are many things made from ceramic such as worship items and items for interior/exterior decoration. This will be a very meaningful souvenir from Hanoi for those living far from Hanoi.

Souvenirs made from pottery in Vietnam
(Souvenirs made from pottery in Vietnam)

With many unique shapes and especially the way to color products, Vietnamese ceramics are very attractive to foreign tourists. In craft villages, visitors can directly create products to their liking.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is a country that produces the second largest coffee in the world, with a bitter taste and special aroma that has made many tourists around the world nostalgic.

Coffee Vietnam
(Coffee Vietnam)

Vietnamese coffee gifts will surely make your foreign friends really like and appreciate your affection for them. It is this gift that will remind them a lot of Vietnam Private Holidays. An original coffee box would make a reasonable gift and is compactly packaged for easy portability.

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Dried food

Vietnam is one of the countries in Asia with the largest variety of dry foods and is also a gift tourists often buy as gifts for family and friends. There are many types of dried food such as: dried jam, dried fruit, dried squid, dried beef, ... are unique foods, imbued with Vietnamese culture. These dry foods are often compact, convenient and convenient for transportation, so they are very popular with foreign tourists.

Dried food in Vietnam
(Dried food in Vietnam)

Once you take part in Vietnam Customized Holidays, you will have the opportunity to live in its wonderfully mixed cultural diversity and traditions. Each destination has its own charm, so go explore them and keep yourself memorable things to take home. Hopefully the above suggestions will help tourists have more ideas about souvenirs during their trip. It is meaningful memories or gifts for relatives and friends.

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