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Tan Ky - Nghe An

Nghe An attracts visitors with all types of tourism such as spiritual tourism, convalescence tourism, discovery tourism, sea and forest tourism, etc. In particular, Cua Lo Beach always the preferred choice for Vietnam family holiday.

Cua Lo is a beautiful beach, located more than 15 km from Vinh City, convenient transportation roads, hotel systems, abundant motels, cheap and delicious food and gentle and simple people. The long, wide beach, one of the most stunning beaches in Vietnam, is located among the cultural and tourism complex of Nghe An. There is a rich source of seafood, especially squid.

Bai Lu - Named after Lu mountain (Lu Son), Bai Lu is another beach with beautiful scenery, clear blue water and the quietest place in Nghe An. If you stand on Lu mountain, you can enjoy the whole landscape of a large area, clearly visible Song Ngu Island, Eye Island, Lan Chau Island, Dau Rong Mountain (Long Thu), Hon The, Hon Cau, Da Son, Cam Son , Cam river is clear and blue water flowing to Cua Lo Beach. Bai Lu is also home to immense pine forests, steep cliffs, long sandy beaches with emerald water.

With regard to local delicacies, be sure that you are free to opt for many dishes like Bánh Ướt (Smooth Cake), Bánh Đa Đô Lương (Do Luong Pancake), roasted squid and so on. Each speciality has its own way to eat. For example, Bánh Ướt is made from milled rice. It is easier to eat with a cup of fish sauce squeezed with lemon and a sliced ​​fresh chili. You also can use it with grilled pork, grilled beef, fried spring rolls, some lettuce other herbs. Meanwhile, Do Luong pancake is another famous specialty with lots of black sesame. Therefore, when eating it, you can feel fragrant, fleshy taste with nutritious ingredients. Also, the cake also has a pungent smell of garlic and pepper. Don't forget to add some hot spice if you are spicy eaters . Whoever once enjoyed this specialty cake must feel the extraordinary taste lingering for a long time.

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Tan Ky - Nghe An

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