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Kon Tum

Kon Tum has a typical climate of the plateau with cool vibes all year round. Kon Tum's climate is divided into 2 distinct seasons: The rainy season usually starts from April to November, the dry season is from December to March next year. Each season, Kon Tum attracts tourists with its own beauty: January is a season of rubber changing leaves; March begins the white coffee season; November and December is the season of wild yellow anemones covering the hills and mountains, the time for traditional festivals.

Kon Tum also offer tourists many striking places to explore. Among that, Mang Den is a town in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, with primeval forests and many lakes and waterfalls. The weather is cool and fresh, suitable for travelers having Vietnam customized tour to avoid summer heat. Located at an altitude of 1,100 - 1,400m above sea level, between thousands of pine and forest flowers, the weather in Mang Den will always be chilly. Coming to Mang Den, you will be walking on a winding road with two sides of green pine trees, smelling of pine resin. Vulture is the sound of birds chirping, cool climate with wild and majestic features of mountains and forests.

Indochinese junction is another popular spot in Kon Tum. The legendary Indochinese junction is an intersection between 3 countries Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. To reach the Indochinese junction, visitors have to go through a rather difficult journey with winding roads and winding roads. Therefore, this is the ideal place for adventurous tourists or big fans of trekking.

Referring to the famous sights of Kon Tum, you cannot miss the Kon Klor hanging bridge - the bridge connecting the two banks of the legendary Dak Bla river. From this bridge, you can see the village space, rice fields, corn fields, sugarcane fields around with the busy river at the foot of the bridge. You can have opportunity to visit the Ba Na - Kon Klor Ethnic Village, drink canned wine with them and then cross the river through the bridge to reach a fertile land. It is home to banana gardens, coffee gardens and fruit trees.

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Kon Tum

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