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Mau Son

With an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level, b is known as "the land of wind and fog". Especially when coming to Mau Son in winter, you might have a chance to see the white snowflakes clustered on branches, grass tops, covering the whole house or aisle.

Mau Son mountain area has two distinct seasons. The average temperature in winter is 7-13°C. In summer (from April to October), this region may have some torrential rain with the average temperature of about 16-17°C. Particularly, in some cold seasons, when the temperature drops below 0°C, ice and snow may appear. This is also a feature that attracts tourists to Mau Son in the winter in recent years.

However, in September or October, the weather on Mau Son is always cool, suitable for a relaxing vacation with friends or family. December to January is the perfect time for those of you who like the crispness of winter or are just curious about the phenomenon of snow and ice. One word to note, you should look at the weather forecast in advance to choose a time slot with snow or cold air flow because the snow period is very short, usually only when the cold air intensity increases in the northern provinces.

Mau Son is quite small and wild, so the most attractive thing in b is probably the fresh, chilly air of the highlands and the pristine and obscured nature of the northeastern mountains in Vietnam. Visitors come here to relax and explore nature at the top of Mau Son, there are still interesting sights or activities to experience such as cloud- hunting or bathing in special leaves made by Dao people. The sea of ​​clouds in Mau Son often appears after the rain or early in the morning when it has just sun.

Therefore, this is a quite interesting place to hunt clouds because you can easily touch the big clusters of cloud. Soaking in the giant bath which is full of Dao people's leaves is another exhilarating experience for tourists having Vietnam customized tour. This kind of leaves not only make you feel relaxed after a long day but also help you cure some illnesses like headache or backache.

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Mau Son

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