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Cuc Phuong National Park

In Cuc Phuong National Park, there are 25,000 hectares of biodiversity that covers the most irresistible. It currently has 250 species of birds and 64 mammals, including tigers, leopards, murciélagos, wild boars, alalia cats, volcanic ardillas and Delacour flies, a primate in extinction. Just as it happens in other national parks of Vietnam, the chances of seeing an animal at times are much smaller, because of the small number of each individual. However, Cuc Phuong also shows many activities and campaigns with the aim to protect wildlife and the environment.

Moreover, tourists having Vietnam vacation can admire ​​the huge diversity of insect flora that they put in the park. It is thought that some large-sized trees (Parashorea stellata and Terminalia myriocarpa), which can reach 50 meters in height, have more than 1000 years of age. There have been discovered 500 medicinal plants, both native and foreign, that grow inside the park. On the other hand, it is not complicated to access some caves, particularly the one of the valleys flanked by the mountain ranges that enjoys a quite different microclimate than the rest of the region. In one of the caves excavated in 1966 three tombs that contained snails of clams with animals, hereditary rudimentary stones and prehistoric human remains.

If you want to treat yourself with a therapeutic bath in warm waters, there are some hot springs of the park that you can keep them at a constant temperature of 37 ° C. These kind of springs contain more than 20 chemical elements that presumably have healing properties. The park is located 45 kilometers from Ninh Binh and 140 km from Hanoi, so you can have a one-day visit.

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Cuc Phuong National Park


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