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Ba Be Lake

Ba Be is a freshwater lake in Bac Kan, Vietnam. It is one of the hundred largest freshwater lakes in the world and the largerst natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. This lake is now located in Ba Be National Park, which is recognized as a national tourism area of ​​Vietnam. The lake was formed more than 200 million years ago. The creation of the continental Southeast Asia in the late Cambrian period, brought a huge body of water with a surface area of ​​approximately 5 million m2 and a thickness of more than 30m on the middle of limestone mountains, creating Ba Be Lake. The three branches of the connecting lake are called Pé Lam, Pé Lu and Pé Lèng.

Ba Be Lake has four seasons. To avoid the sweating heat of summers, you can come here to admire the charming paintings and enjoy the fresh air like the morning mist. If you decide to go to Ba Be Lake in the spring, remember the date of 9-10 January of the lunar calendar every year, because it is the time for Ba Be Lake Festival.

Coming to Ba Be Lake, tourists can rent a boat to explore the beauty of this place. All you have to do is sitting on a canoe in the middle of an immense river and mountains, listening to the story of the lake through the words of the boatman. It will surely be an interesting experience for first-time travelers who having tours in Vietnam. The water in Ba Be Lake is very clear and green, so you can see algae and aquatic plants at the bottom. Sitting on the boat down the stream, you can visit Puong cave, which is over 30m high and about 300m long. This is a large natural cave in the North, formed when the Nang River flows under the limestone mountains of Lung Nham. Inside the cave, there are many stalactite strips with many drooping shapes, shimmering on the water surface creating a fanciful scenery.

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Situated 100m from Ba Be lake, Bao Tien Lake is never dry all year round. It is said that this is the place where fairies used to , bathe and play. In addition, you can visit many other famous landmarks such as Hua Ma cave, Nang Tien cave, Dau Nang waterfall...
Besides, paying visit to Ba Be Lake, visitors will enjoy a lot of famous specialties such as grilled Pac Ngoi fish, steamed bamboo shoots, Ba Be sour shrimp sauce, forest vegetables, ...

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Ba Be Lake

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